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Telephone Audit Services

Patriot Audit Services provides nationwide coverage for telephone audits. Our highly trained staff can fulfill your request for information via telephone. Upon completion by the phone auditor, your audits are subject to a quality review process. Each audit is assigned to one of our expert review specialists to ensure our quality standards are met. Partnering with our customers allows each customer to identify the specific requirements for their phone audits.

Each carrier decides the premium level or complexity of the audits they would like to assign as telephone audits.

Unverified telephone audits will be handled with the level of expertise warranted by this method of auditing without any verification documents required to be transmitted.

Verified telephone audits would include copies of the payroll tax reports as well as any adjusting payroll entries.

We have the capability to receive and transmit audit requests from most systems.

As a partner, our trained staff can alert the appropriate party if there is a reason to escalate the account to either a verified or physical audit. These are the discussion topics and parameters that we address with the client during the onboarding process .


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Online access to inventory, audit worksheets for voluntary and telephone audits and electronic transmission of audits available

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