Physical Audits

Physical Audit Services

Patriot Audit Services provides physical audits. Our staff is comprised of full time employees who are highly trained professionals in the premium audit field. Our field audit staff are strategically located within their areas of coverage to ensure timely completion of all audit assignments.

In addition to being trained to audit all lines of insurance, home office support continually provides updated information related to state rules and classifications to the entire staff.

Reference resources available to the entire staff include NCCI, Scopes, PAAS, ISO, and independent state bureau manuals.

Types of Physical Audits

In addition to normal expirations and cancellation audits, we are also able to provide interim audits (customer can decide the frequency). We can also assist underwriting by providing information developed from a pre-audit. The pre-audit is an additional tool to decide whether or not to write a particular piece of business or to correctly issue the policy at inception.

Pre-audits are a great tool and depending on the customer’s needs, may not include any exposure development.

* Please inquire for our updated list of states serviced @ [email protected]

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